As we grapple with a global pandemic, surveillance capitalism, and host of other problems that plague this planet, a bitjockey in UCAS decides to lean into the cyberpunk aesthetic since it is, after all, 2020.

I use GNOME 3.34.2 now on a System76 workstation running Pop!_OS, but in the past I would have used i3 on my economy-class Acer laptop with a bunch of custom drek running on Arch Linux. Unfortunately I no longer have time to engage in that sort of thing, so this will have to do.

Here's a list of stuff I used, along with the commands I used to install everything.





Base Installation

# Set dir to store GUI-related stuff

# Set up dirs
mkdir -p $HOME/{.themes,.icons,.local/share/fonts,.config/tilix/schemes,.config/BetterDiscord}
mkdir -p $GUI_DIR && cd $GUI_DIR

# Install Cyberpunk-Neon
git clone && cd Cyberpunk-Neon
tar xzf gtk/Materia-Cyberpunk-Neon.tar.gz -C ~/.themes/
for d in gtk/*.tar.gz;do tar xzf $d -C ~/.themes/; done

# Install tilix theme
cp terminal/Cyberpunk-Neon.json ~/.config/tilix/schemes

# Install Suru ++ icons
wget -qO- | env DESTDIR="$HOME/.icons" sh

# Install fonts
curl -o
unzip -d -d mplus-1c
cp mplus-1c/*.ttf $HOME/.local/share/fonts/
sudo apt install fonts-firacode
sudo fc-cache -v


Instructions from here.

# Install betterdiscordctl
curl -O
chmod +x betterdiscordctl
sudo mv betterdiscordctl /usr/local/bin

# Initialize betterdiscord
betterdiscordctl # get some basic info. for example: Modules: /home/bitjockey/.config/discord/<version>/modules
betterdiscordctl install -v -v -d /usr/share/discord -m ~/.config/discord/<version>/modules

VS Code

Install the Cyberpunk and Sorcerer themes in the UI. I honestly prefer the Sorcerer theme to the former.


After installing the above, use GNOME Tweaks to set the GTK Theme, Shell, Icons.

In Tilix, set the color scheme from the Preferences UI.