Setting up an open-source AI assistant

Raspberry Pi 4 with case and touch screenAwhile back, I looked into open-source alternatives to digital assistants like Alexa or Siri that I could extend and customize and came across »

Using i3-gaps with MATE desktop on Ubuntu/Pop!_OS

I use Pop!_OS (which itself is Ubuntu-based) so these instructions may work for you if you use Ubuntu 20.04 and above. This is a guide on setting up »

Setting up GitLab CI with dokku

Thanks to these posts by Andy Smith and Nelson Romero I was able to set up my GitLab repos to deploy to my dokku instance whenever master is updated (so »

Deploying Nextcloud on Dokku

This involves the use of the official Nextcloud Docker Image that runs apache within the container. Set up the app:dokku apps:create mycloud sudo docker pull nextcloud:latest sudo »

Cyberdeck Build Log 2

I've decided to use a different board for my cyberdeck. Instead of the NUC I've settled on using the LattePanda Alpha 864s. My revised build list: LattePanda Alpha 864sLattePanda 7" »